The Philosophy Family Tree

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What is the Philosophy Family Tree?
The Philosophy Family Tree is a "genealogy" of philosophers, in which the "parent" relation is the relation between dissertation advisor and dissertation advisee.

Advisor/advisee? Wouldn't it be better to structure the tree using the "primary philosophical influence" relation?
Better for purposes of making an advisor/advisee tree? No. Better simpliciter? Maybe (although also much harder). But then, there are plenty of other things that are better simpliciter than either. You may consider yourself encouraged to do one of those.

What about cases of co-advised dissertations, or cases without institutionalized advising relations?
The goal is to track the trackable relation that's closest to the dissertation chair/dissertation writer relation. In straightforward cases of co-advised dissertations, both advisors should be listed as parents. Where there is no institutionalized advising relation, we do the best we can. (This admittedly means that the chronologically earlier parts of the tree are a generous mixture of fiction and fact.)

Wouldn't it be better if the Tree also included information about [year of degree granting/title of dissertation/institute of degree granting/list of publications of philosopher/etc.]?
Yes. Please feel free to add any such information.

Who should be entered onto the tree?
A sufficient condition is holding a doctoral degree in philosophy. That condition isn't necessary -- in particular, I have freely included non-philosophers who are ancestors of philosophers (although not all non-philosophical descendants of those non-philosophers).

How can I help?
1. If you aren't on the tree, add yourself. (If your advisor also isn't on the tree, add your advisor. Recurse as necessary. If you reach someone whose advisor you don't know without finding someone on the tree, add that person to the "orphans" page.)
2. If you are on the tree, add your advisees as your children.
3. Find information about other philosophers not on the tree, and add them. Does your department keep a list of doctorates granted, with advisors? If so, consider using that list to update the Tree.
4. Pick an orphan, and hunt down their parentage.

How do I do editing?
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